Created by: phamvanhai

Glacier Warrior

Difficult level:
Team up value: 0 0/10
Counters by:
Strong against:
Early game
Middle game

Operation Idea

Early Rounds: Deploy 3 random Warriors together with a Defector or Desperate Doctor to win a winning streak during the early rounds. If you have more slots, you may deploy one more Glacier piece to activate Glacier (2) Synergy effect which increases Attack Speed and enables your pieces to cast Control skills earlier. Meanwhile, you can also consider to Buy Exp to reach Lv.6 ¡f you have a bundant Gold.


Mid-rounds: Upon reaching Lv.6, hold more than 40 Gold at hand to earn an Interest of 4 Gold each round, Buy Exp and refresh Store for pieces with the exceeding part until Lv.9 Is reached. During this period, adJjust your Formation by the pieces you have got, but your goal would be activate Glacier (4) and Warrior (6) Synergy effects.


Later Rounds: Upon reaching Lv.9, keep ranking up your pieces on board, and adjust. Formation accordinq to the enemy pieces.