Created by: phamvanhai

Beast Druid

Difficult level:
Team up value: 0 0/10
Counters by:
Strong against:
Early game
Middle game

Operation Idea

Early Rounds: Purchase Tusk Champion and other two Warriors to activate Warrior (3) Synergy effect. Based on that, you may also deploy a Unicorn that can heal your team and activate Beast (2) Synergy effect for more damage. If you still have Gold left after you get all the pieces, Buy Exp with them to level up to Lv.6.


Mid-rounds: Upon reaching Lv.6, you may replace one of the Warriors with Werewolf, and deploy Druid or Poisonous Worm of hịgh stars that deal a huge amount of damage with their summoners towards the enemy Chess player. During this period, you may Buy Exp with your exceeding Gold to reach Lv.8.


Later Rounds: Upon reaching Lv.8, keep 30 Gold at hand and refresh the Store with the exceeding part to rank up 4 different Druid pieces to 3 stars, as well as rank up other pieces. If there are less than a half of players,refresh the Store for pieces to rank them up and end this game as soon as possible.