Created by: phamvanhai

Feathered Druid

Difficult level:
Team up value: 0 0/10
Counters by:
Strong against:
Early game
Middle game

Operation Idea

Early Rounds: Activate Goblin (3) Synergy effect with the pieces that cost the least Gold or deploy other Druid pieces of hịgh ranks to maintain your HP. Tf you lose in both Round 4 and Round 5, sell your Goblin pieces and withdraw all your pieces on board to steal defeat compensation from lose streak until Round 12. You need to accumulate 50 Gold as soon as possible either by a winning streak or a lose streak. Don't forget to Buy Exp at least once before Round 9.


Mid-rounds:With 50 Gold at hand, you can refresh the Store with the Interest for Druid and Feathered pieces. Meanwhille, try to reach Lv.7 before Round 15. If you want to adjust your Formation, It is recommended to activate Feathered (6) Synergy effect as your first choice.


Later Rounds: After Feathered (6) Synergy effect has been activated, reduce the holding Gold to 30 and spend the rest to Buy Exp to reach Lv.8. After that, you may refresh the Store with Interest to rank up your pieces on board. lÝ you are in a winning streak with more than 30 HP, you may save your Gold for 1 or 2 more rounds for Interest and then level up to Lv.9 directly. During this period, you can deploy some pieces with powerful skills to guarantee your winning streak.