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Full Hunter & Egersis(Combo with Wizard)

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Team up value: 0 0/10
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Early game
Middle game

Guide to play AutoChess Mobile - Summary of AutoChess gameplay, tips and tactics to upgrade generals (god of thunder,god mage,strange egg,wizard builder,grimtouch,...)   to promote the maximum power for new players:


Autochess guide


Basically the gameplay of Auto Chess Mobile is not much different from the Auto Chess version of Dota but compared to the Arena of Truth of League of Legends, Auto Chess is more appreciated for its complexity and tactics.


However, once you've mastered how to play, this is the basis for gamers to easily create and deploy weird squads and tactics.

How to increase power in Auto Chess Mobile

The main goal of Auto Chess is to survive and achieve the highest rank among 8 players and to do that, gamers must calculate meticulous tactics and have a strong squad.


The fastest way to have a strong squad in Auto Chess is to upgrade your character early to increase your stats and carry capacity.


Race and Generation in Auto Chess Mobile


Currently the tribe system and the system of Auto Chess are considered to be the most diverse with 14 clans and 10 systems. Each clan will bring its own effects when gamers collect enough chess pieces and this is also an important prerequisite to counter and deploy the strategy of playing Auto Chess.

Auto chess team builder: