Created by: phamvanhai


Difficult level:
Team up value: 0 0/10
Counters by:
Strong against:
Early game
Middle game

Operation Idea

Early Rounds: It is recommended to deploy 2-star Warrior pieces and try to activate Synergy Warrior (3) effect. If you have both Tusk Championand Werewolf, or RedaxeChief and Swordman or any other Warrior pieces that can activate Beast or Cave ClanSynergy effects, you may deploy them on the Chessboard toearn a winning streak in theearly rounds. If you still have Gold left after piece purchase, you may Buy Exp with the rest Gold to level up to Lv.6. 


Mid-rounds: Upon reaching Lv.6, it is recommended tomaintain Synergy Warrior (6)effect and deploy pieces with better quality and higherstars on the Chessboard.Meanwhile, stop buying Exp and try to have 30 Gold at handinstead. If you have morethan 30 Gold however, you can still Buy Exp with theexceeding part to reach Lv.8 (try toalways keep 30 Gold at hand to earn as much Interest aspossible).


Later Rounds: Upon reaching Lv.8, it is recommended to keepmore than 30 Gold at handand meanwhile searching for pieces in the Store to activate Warrior (9) Synergy effect. lf you are lucky enough to successfully activate the 9Warriors, It will be a nice choice to Buy Exp to reach Lv.9. However, if you always lack one or twoWarriors, maybe you canchange your strategies into Marine Warrior or Egersis Warrior.